iPhone 6

Since arriving on shelves on September 19, the iPhone 6 has not stopped making headlines.  Selling 10 million phones in the first three days, the iPhone 6 has come under accusations concerning its structural integrity, a prototype leak is happening on eBay, and other problems have all made their way into newspapers.  This kind of controversy is not entirely unexpected with such a hotly anticipated piece of hardware.  Were these controversies anything serious, though, and has it effected the roll out of the iPhone 6?

Within days of the iPhone 6’s release, there were report of the phones bending after being left in people’s pockets.  “Bendgate”, as this was called in the media, was quickly debunked, and Apple released a strongly worded statement.  They said that any bending of the iPhone 6 was due to user error.  T-Mobile’s president was also incredulous, wondering aloud in an expletive filled rant about why people would stick a computer in their pockets and expect it to end up okay.  Apple has reported that only nine people have complained about bending iPhones, and pointed to their testing practices as a guarantee that the iPhone 6 would not bend under normal wear and tear.  Along with Bendgate, Apple may have to contend with Hairgate.  Users have begun posting on Twitter and its ilk that their hair is being pulled out by the iPhone 6.

Another noteworthy story to come out of the iPhone 6 release concerns a user who was shipped a prototype of the iPhone, loaded with developer software, and is now selling the phone on eBay.  Over a hundred people have made bids on the phone, pushing its possible cost to the winner to over $94,000.  It s not known if selling the phone may void Apple’s terms of service, and there is also the chance that Apple is bidding on the phone to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

While these issues may be a bother to Apple, their real problem may be in the latest operating system.  Users seem to be slower to adapt the iOS 8 system, with only about half of users adopting on the first day.  This is a problem, because Apple wants its users to be using the newest version of the software so they can get the most information out of them.

Though Apple may have come under fire for some aspects of the iPhone 6, all early indications are that the company is pleased with its release.  Though they may want more people using iOS 8, there is every reason to believe that Apple users will have switched over by the time the new operating system comes out.