The first thing that you hear about the iPad Pro is that it is “BIG”. Big is a relative term and months if not weeks from now the 12.9 inch iPad Pro screen will be the new normal.


Remember the days when phones were getting smaller and smaller? And then smartphones came along and they got bigger and bigger. Big became the new small.

But one thing is clear. The iPad Pro will make life easier for enterprise use.

As employees, the work we do is not simple. It is not about tapping to ‘like’ or dashing off a 140 character memo.

Charts, graphs, tables, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, tools – all part of our job and they all need screen real estate. Great UX aside, scrolling back and forth on a small screen takes its toll making it clunky to maintain context. It reduces productivity, increases frustration and leads to the opposite of what it was intended to do. This is where the iPad Pro with its big screen will score big. Being lightweight helps and the roll up keyboard is a necessity in the enterprise context.

And of course with the Apple Pencil we are going back to the basics, using an instrument instead of our fingers to write, annotate and draw. Maybe the basics are not so bad after all.

Mobility as we know it started on the consumer side, mushroomed and became pervasive.

But for mobility to do for the enterprise what it did for consumers, requires that we look at the enterprise user base differently. And that is what the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil and the keyboard are doing.

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