The Browser you loved to hate is speaking out loud and how. With the launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft in Mid October, there was also a new version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer India started promoting the new version of the Browser on all the Social Media Channels.

roadiesxplorer on IE 10MTV India teamed up with Internet Explorer to bring the Roadies Experience from your Television to your computer. The campaign on Facebook started on November 27,2012 and has gained a lot of traction on the page.

The Facebook page maintains a healthy engagement rate of around 6% which is commendable. The Roadies explorer integrates the fun and thrill of your favorite MTV Show along with the native HTML 5 support by IE 10.

Conceptually, gamification of a popular TV show and blending it with an enriching browser experience is a win-win formula. The touch browsing with the new Windows 8 will enhance the usability and experience of the computers and the same message is being portrayed through the usage of Internet Explorer 10 by Microsoft.

The game with nine levels of gaming based on all nine seasons of the show from Uncle Sam’s Backyard to the Hell Down Under, is your chance to relive the MTV Roadies journey which has been a part of your life for 10 years now.

Playing all the nine levels and scoring the highest points is the objective and well you could be in line to win a Windows 8 tablet. The challenge also has prizes at certain levels and not only for the last objective. Clearing Level 4 can land you a chance to win XBox 360 while Level 5 has a Windows 8 Phone waiting for you.

The ultimate winner is winning the Windows 8 power tablet along with a chance to win one of the Roadies which is yet to be disclosed. The first 6 levels can be played on any of your choice browsers who support HTML 5, but the last 3 levels are specifically designed for IE 9 and IE10 as published by Microsoft. The move will bolster the usage of the browser, once the users get a hang of the challenges in Roadies Explorer.

So, does IE 10 really work?

The game is branded with Internet Explorer and claimed to be working best with the new IE 10. Microsoft is thus promoting the rich feature-based browser for users to enjoy their favourite game on. And the game does work pretty neatly on the browser, thus strengthening its claim.

Level 1 consists of two stages – Bike Race and Basketball. The bike race does remind you a bit of RoadRash and the objective is to reach the finish line in stipulated time to score maximum points. The basketball level is to put a minimum of 5 baskets in 90 seconds. The start screen before each challenge is explained in detail thus enabling the user to get a clear picture of the challenge ahead.

The layout and the design is based on a dark theme with a well though out supporting link structure.You can only go ahead to the next level once you finish all the tasks of the previous levels. You can invite your friends from the application and also share your scores on Facebook and Twitter widening the reach of the campaign.

LeaderBoard outlines the top scorers of the application so far and the ‘Help’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’ sections is also well though of and describes each detail about the user participation in detail. It remains to be seen if the game can have a concept of challenging each other for the ultimate Roadies title in the levels to come. This will make the application more user based and interactive. New levels are going to be unlocked each week with the campaign running for a total of 9 weeks.

Roadiesxplorer IE 10

Impact of the Campaign

The overall impact will be decided post campaign closure around February. However, on Social Media Internet Explorer has surely attracted more eyeballs in terms of heavy engagement and interactions. The Facebook page registered a 10% growth in the past month of November-December and the Engagement around the Roadies post seem to be attracting the most eyeballs in the past weeks.

IE_India_People_Talking_About_FBIE India People Talking About on FB

The build up videos before each level on YouTube has garnered more than 30,000 views and have been well popularized via Facebook and Twitter. The Twitter community for @IE_India is not much to be talked about with just around 200 followers. With 6 weeks of the xplorer trip still remaining, the campaign will grow primarily on Facebook.

The campaign is having a good impact till now, with many users praising the new browser capabilities with HTML 5 and much more. And me being a Google Chrome fan, have to admit that Microsoft has done some major makeover to their browser and is very much visible on navigation.

Internet Explorer is arguably the most hated browser out there. And hence, the overall campaigns running around promoting the new version of Internet Explorer are a more ‘In your face’ types. The ‘Browser You loved to Hate‘ campaign tries to lure in the IE detractors and in a smart way tells the new changes Internet Explorer is going through to match up Chrome/Firefox standards.

The tongue in cheek posts about Mozilla Firefox on the Facebook page is fueling to the already existing browser wars going around the web. One thing is clear from the way Microsoft is marketing the new browser – Internet Explorer has finally arrived!

Have you tried the Roadies Journey yet? And more importantly, did the campaign make you try out the new Internet Explorer 10 or you are still sticking to Chrome/Firefox for now? Let the Browser War Begin!