The Instagram spambot crackdown has been met with anger by many celebrities who use social media to speak with their fans.  Instagram had long promised to begin cracking down on spam accounts and now the company has officially begun and that movie has significantly changed the landscape of the Instagram platform.

Many users of the service have witnessed their scores of followers simply vanish in an instant.  Rapper Tyga, for example, saw his followers drop from 5.5 million to 2.2 million.

Many Instagram users are happy to see this happen, suggesting users with the biggest drops were guilty of inflating their viewership artificially by buying followers.  Others have taken to social media to express their anger over the purge, while begging Instagram to restore their followers in order to re-inflate their numbers.  Instagram told Business Insider that the users it was removing were either already deactivated spam accounts, or violated the service’s guidelines.

Instagram’s spambot removal directly affected the social platforms top 100. The biggest hits affected celebrities such as Justin Bieber who lost 3.5 million of his “belieber” in a single day and others such as “Smack That” singer Akon shed 56 percent of his followers in a matter of hours.

Social media celebrities aren’t the only ones that suffered a large drop in followers as a result of the purging of these spam accounts.  Instagram itself became one of the largest victims of the ban after it lost almost one third of its followers, dropping 18 million users in a single day.

While a definite majority of the accounts were most definitely spam accounts or accounts not in use, given the major backlash the company has received for removing them it is safe to assume that there are some real people behind at least some of the accounts.  There has been no word yet on whether or not the social media service will listen to the wails of its unhappy social media celebrities, but even if Instagram never returns those accounts, at least the followers they have left are real and probably more engaged.

Do you think the Instagram Spambot removal was a necessary step that the social network had to take?

[Photo Credit: Digital Trends]