Most of us know the frustration of waiting on the phone to talk to technical support while your piece of electronics or computing hardware stubbornly refuses to work. All you want to do is listen to music or email a Roseville MN chiropractor for an appointment, but instead you are stuck on hold!

Then there is the difficulty of explaining the issue to the tech support person and trying to implement their solutions.

Use these tips to get the most out of technical support.

Consider When to Call

Certain times of day are more likely to see busy telephone lines and long waits for support. Try to avoid calling at peak times, such as during the lunch-hour and just after work.

While you may want to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible, it may be more productive to do your other chores while you wait for the lines to free up. Being more productive while you wait can also help to stop you from building up so much frustration.

Stay Calm

It is normal to be frustrated in these situations, and it’s no wonder we tend to get a little cranky. However, have you ever thought of how the tech support person must feel?

They are only trying to do their job, after all. Staying calm and being polite with the technical support person could lead to them going above and beyond the call of duty – after all, someone being nice to them is probably a welcome novelty.

In addition, the calmer you are, the better able you will be to explain the problem you are having and take on board the advice you are given.

Know Your Details

Often the problems that occur and solutions that apply to a particular piece of technology depend on various factors, such as its make, model and software installed. If you have all these details on hand or easily accessible, the technical support process can be much speedier and more efficient.

When speaking to the technical support person, you should be as detailed as possible about your technology and the problem that occurred. However, do not simply spew off all this information as soon as they pick up the phone.

The technical support person will know what information they require, what is important and what is irrelevant. You should answer their questions in detail, but do not add in extra information until they have finished their questions.

While there will always be a certain level of frustration when you need help with a piece of technology or electronics, following the above tips can help to make the process as smooth and productive as possible.

One final note: while it sounds obvious, always check it’s plugged in or try to restart before you call.