The digital nature of our world has created a need for more adaptable network operating systems (NOS’s). Networks handle large amounts of data every day, which has created a need for on-demand scalability. As such, HP has teamed up with a variety of supporters, including Arista, Broadcom and Intel, to address this problem and create OpenSwitch, an open source NOS. With OpenSwitch, developers can now collaborate, test new theories and innovate to develop higher-quality networks for organizations. Furthermore, these networks can be customized to accommodate specific business needs.

Traditional networks are built with proprietary software, which doesn’t allow customers or their software partners to modify their networks to their own parameters. With an open source NOS, developers can now focus their efforts on improving their businesses-specific workload needs and functions instead of spending time and energy struggling with the complex licensing structures and interoperability issues inherent with closed-off proprietary software.

While the main benefit of OpenSwitch is that it allows developers to create new applications and specific features for individual networks, it also benefits them by enabling these assets to come to fruition faster and with fewer post-release tribulations. For the simple reason that open source attracts a multitude of developer talent from around the world, projects are bound to be less problematic and completed quicker.

What’s more, from time to time, organizations may need to borrow from certain applications that allow their networks to accommodate new business practices or business strategies. Smart organisations develop a comprehensive open source software adoption process that allows them to leverage open source software in their projects effectively and ensures compliance with licenses and organizational policies. Without an open source platform, businesses can be stuck with older, less effective software that is far more difficult (if not impossible) to adapt.

Big players such as HP, Intel and Broadcom are all recognizing the importance of open source. This is a good sign that more and more technology will begin to utilize open source software, allowing for even greater innovation. OpenSwitch is just another step in the right direction, and the pace seems to be picking up…