When it comes to professional laptops for workstation users, HP is not interested in playing around. It isn’t interested in fancy features or playing with designs- it is out to make a product that delivers great performance.  HP is using the 2015 International CES event as a platform for new heavy-duty Zbook laptops which are designed to provide power.

This means that the storage capacity, processing speeds and graphic power have been strengthened at the expense of features like thickness and flashy designs. These machines are built to be durable and to withstand the labors of long workdays.

HP has come out with Zbook laptop workstations which are Laptops that serve as mobile Workstations packed with raw computing power. Its user base mainly includes product designers and engineers.

“Our Ultrabooks demonstrate our unwavering commitment to professional customers and their need for light, first-class mobile workstations to augment design workflows,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of product management at HP’s commercial solutions group, in a press briefing.

HP, the world’s No.1 workstation provider claims it has the world’s thinnest and lightest workstation Ultrabooks, these are thin Zbook laptops with Broadwell Processors that ensure better performance and high efficiency than previous processors. The new products that HP releases are the HP Zbook 14 and Zbook 15u, with 14-inch and 15.6-inch screens respectively.

The Zbook 14 is quite the mobile machine weighing just 3.57 pounds with high-end 3D graphics and processor performance. It may not quite impress with style and design but its stiff, sturdy frame and enterprise performance renders it a reliable workhorse.

Equipped with Windows 8.1, fifth generation Intel core processors and professional AMD FirePro 3D graphics, the second generation ZBook 14 and 15u are designed to please the veteran business users.

Both ZBook Mobile Workstation models provide up to 16 GB of memory and up to 1.25 TB of storage, with solid-state storage enhancements. These machines are expected to be available in the markets in January itself. The Zbook 14 laptop will sell for $1,250, while the Zbook 15u will sell for $1,200.

Summing it up, Josh Peterson, director of worldwide workstation product management, says “It targets customers who want both price and performance.”