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Calling Can Get You Reported

In the United States, we are blessed to have a National “Do Not Call” registry, sponsored by the FTC, which enables us to register any land line or mobile phone number to be removed from commercial solicitation phone number databases.

While the DNC registry does not stop personal calls, charity calls, political calls, and telephone surveys, it should in theory control the number of sales solicitations you receive while sitting down for dinner with your family.

Those of us who work in social marketing and internet marketing are prime target for having our affiliate details, customer details, and other vital information re-sold to countless networks resulting in unwanted commercial calls.

Recently, some company has obviously done this again with my mobile phone number and it has resulted in a big spike in these calls.

The first thing I always do is to “long-press” on the call-details on my android phone and add the number to the “rejected list”. This ensures that any further calls from that number immediately go to voicemail. Editing the reject list is in slightly different places in different versions of android, but it’s almost always available by “long pressing” the phone number in your recent calls manager.

Android Screenshot showing the

Once that’s taken care of, then it’s off to introduce that number to the law.

Keep in mind, your number must have been on the registry for a minimum of 31 days before your report will be considered valid. This gives providers time to remove your number. So hurry up and register BEFORE you need it!

(I also registered my mother, grandmother, and great aunt’s numbers for them, on their behalf, since they asked me to assist them and are not web savvy.)

Head over to the “File A Complaint” Section of the National Do Not Call Registry:


Here, there are just a few simple steps to walk through to enable you to easily report someone for calling a “Do Not Call” number with commercial solicitations.

If you want to go one step further, call apps such as “Mr. Number” can tell you who is calling as the call comes in. While the app is sometimes useful, it is also full of a lot of misinformation (because numbers change owners over time) and resulted in me missing some vital calls from my medical team. I enjoyed it but don’t use it any more due to this poor implementation of crowd sourcing.


While, of course, there will always be scammers and lazy marketers who ignore this law, I would say that the existence of the DNC registry has reduced the amount of call solicitations we used to receive 10 to 15 years ago when it was common and highly annoying.

Fortunately, it’s not only free and easy to get registered with the NDNC Registry, but also just as easy to report someone for abusing your telephone or mobile minutes.

Hope this helps!

PS: When filling in a webform that does NOT have any legit reason to need my phone number (and could not later email me to ask for it if they actually had a valid reason), I use 000-000-0000 in the phone number box which is accepted by majority of webforms expecting a USA number. Less odds of ending up with your number re-sold in the first place!