Making Chrome Not Suck At Showing RSS

Of all the strange things to omit from Chrome, the absence of the RSS “pretty display” generates a lot of confusion.

Recently, I was asked to suggest a WordPress plugin that would make RSS feeds work in Chrome. Sorry, no can do!

Feeds are actually a Chrome problem not a WP problem…

By default, RSS feeds look yucky in Chrome:

Fortunately, there’s a really nice extension you can add to Chrome that forces it to display feeds nicely like Firefox does natively.

RSS Subscription Extension”:

Assuming you want the feeds to not look like code and be easy to subscribe too then you want to check out this 4.5 star extension made by Google for Chrome.

As you can see, it does a nice job of turning that code into human-speak for us to preview before subscribing:

I suppose with the rise of social that RSS is not used quite as much as it used to be. It perhaps makes sense not to include this by default but it does feel odd that it’s lacking.

The extension is made by Google, for chrome, to enable an elegant preview of RSS feeds. Works like a champ!

image source:  screenshots (mine), Google web store property of Google.