Who Owns That Skype Chat Group?

Whether you call them a “Skype Group” or a “Skype Chat Room” or just a “Skype Room” the community feature of Skype is a really cool too!

Sometimes though, because of the number of hidden moderator settings, it can be important to find out who actually “owns” (created) the room.

Fortunately that is really easy using a very simple “slash command” (called that because it starts with a slash).

Type: /get creator into the chatbox, hit enter and the “System” will reply to you and tell you the Skype ID of the owner.

In the screenshot above, you can see the output from the system telling me the Skype ID of the room creator…. which will appear in the chat box after you type in the slash command and hit enter.

It’s nice to know that room members may see you typing, but will not see what you typed or see the system output.

This is sometimes very important when you need to contact the group owner, to remove a moderator account that has been hacked, so that you can relay the message before the hacked account kicks you from the group!

This is just one of many very powerful slash commands for Skype that turn it from a very simple chat client into an enterprise level tool that is used for a wide number of uses.

Do you participate in any Skype Groups/Skype Rooms? What do you love or hate about them?

Share your thoughts below!

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