A few people left the room. Some audience members were yawning and the rest were pretending to listen. All thanks to a PowerPoint presentation and unfortunately it was the speaker’s fault. PowerPoint can give you power, but the point is to use it reasonably. Here are few useful tips to create compelling PowerPoint presentations.

Easy to read

A good PowerPoint presentation should always be easy to read, therefore make use of simple fonts. You can find many really good looking fonts online (like: Bebas Neue, Lato or League Gothic), for free download. Also, make sure that the font is in large size (minimal size should be 30 point), so that the audience can easily read the written text.

Properly Titled Slides

Every slide should be properly titled using clear, bold and easily readable letters. This creates a good impression in the minds of the audience and lets them know the key takeaway.

Simple Backgrounds

When making a presentation, the most effective method to attract the audience’s attention is by keeping the background simple. Remember that complex backgrounds distract the reader and draw his attention away from the content.

Use Charts and Graphics

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Using charts and graphs in your slides is one of the best ways to convey a thought to the audience. This helps in keeping the attention of the audience on your work.

Stay Focused

When explaining an idea, it’s quite possible to begin to ramble. Make sure that you create a proper outline and write down only what is necessary. Each slide should lead to the next without causing a break in the train of thought or the flow of the presentation.

Limit the Number of Slides

When it comes to a presentation; the more is never the merrier. Try to convey your information in as few slides as possible, so that you don’t bore the audience with too many slides.

Good Communication Skills

Good communications skills are imperative to communicate the idea that your presentation represents. The worst thing you can do is to put lot of text on your slide. First of all, your audience will focus on reading it and they will not hear what you are saying. Second, if you decide to read everything directly from the slide, you will bore everyone, that’s for sure. The point is to find a balance between the text on the slide and the things you want to say.

Make it Visual

At the end of your presentation you can prepare a slide with an infographic that is going to sum up everything you were talking about. If you use a short, attractive graphic form, you can be sure that what you said will be remembered.

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