The Internet has changed the entire music industry. Does anyone buy CDs anymore?  Sites like Napster and other file-sharing services created a generation more familiar and comfortable with downloading singles quickly and conveniently than walking into a store and purchasing physical media.  From there, iTunes, Amazon and other online merchants made buying tracks easier, safer and more affordable.  The online music industry changed again with the widespread acceptance of YouTube.  When experts are now asked what the biggest name is in online music, they usually reference this streaming video service rather than iTunes, Amazon and others.  The only issue is there’s been no way to download songs from YouTube.

For Internet users, YouTube is essentially a giant jukebox.  It’s the world’s largest on-demand service for music.  Just enter the name of a song and you can listen to it and watch the video on your computer or smart phone.  But you have to stream it.  While sites like iTunes and Amazon allow the music files to be downloaded, YouTube users are tied to the site for content and have to stream every time they want to listen.  That has changed, however, and now there is a way to convert videos on YouTube to files that can be played on mp3 players or iPods.

YouTube to mp3 is an easy, reliable Australian website for converting music videos found on YouTube into mp3 files you can actually take with you.  With this service, there’s no more only listening to music in front of your computer.  There’s also no more wasting your smartphone’s data plan gigabytes and airtime streaming YouTube videos directly to it.  With YouTube to mp3 web surfers can convert a YouTube video to an mp3 file in mere minutes.  Mp3 files can then be transferred to iTunes for use with iPods or any of Apple’s other popular portable devices.

The way sites like this work is very simple and user-friendly.  Just go copy the URL of the YouTube video to convert to mp3 and go to and click the “help” tab.  From there, paste the URL into text box and click “Convert Video.”  In a few minutes, the site converts the video to mp3 format and makes it available for download.  You can then click the “download” link and move the file to iTunes, your hard drive or your mp3 player.  It’s an easy way to make your favorite YouTube music portable.