About a year ago, I was looking around for a new theme for one of my product sales pages and came across a drag-and-drop sales page theme that was part of the ThesisAwesome package. At the time I tested three drag-and-drop sales page themes and this one was definitely the best in this instance.

It is actually a Thesis theme skin. Therefore you install the WordPress thesis framework, then install a skin to make it all look professional.

ThesisAwesome drag-and-drop Landing Page features

There are many features to this drag-and-drop Landing Page builder but there are some that impressed me and persuaded me to choose this skin.

  1. The design was simple yet amazingly professional.
  2. It was easy to build a sales page with this theme.

Take a good look at the screenshot below. An extremely simple layout but very effective for your message to shine.

Drag-And-Drop Sales Page

How did this drag-and-drop sales Page theme double my income?

I make money online with my websites full time so I am continually experimenting with different options. As soon as I installed this skin, the sales started to trickle in once again. I had revived my sales and more than doubled them in the first two days. I was shocked at how well this SIMPLE skin worked!

Here are some reasons why my income doubled:

My last theme was not a landing Page builder

Prior to using the thesis awesome drag-and-drop landing Page builder and Thesis, the theme that I used was just a simple WordPress theme that did not have such great design points. The layout of the sales page was basically done using HTML or CSS. With the new drag-and-drop theme I did not have to do any of this work.

I only had to pull widgets to the home page section and then fill in the forms.

The graphics and layout encouraged purchases

I did not have to download images or decide where things would go as you can drag and drop things anywhere you like, including the images that already come with the theme. All the buy now buttons, testimonial boxes, guarantee boxes, and so on, all come with the theme.

landing page builder

The whole theme just looked professional

I played with my skin for about an hour. In this time I basically overhauled the entire website and I actually never went back to finish the job. The funny thing is that it looked so good already that sales started coming in straight away. This was a product that I was thinking about scrapping because I had made it many years ago but implementing this drag-and-drop thesis awesome skin brought it back to life.

It is amazing what a premium WordPress theme or skin can do for your website. Never underestimate their power.

I stuck to the KISS method

You must have heard of “keep it simple stupid” and that is exactly what I did. My sales page beforehand was messy and cluttered with too much information. With this new slick theme it was easy to keep it simple and it looked professional at the same time.

If people need your product, you don’t really need all the fancy stuff to convince them.

Lets face it. I didn’t really do much to improve my income on this product landing page except change the theme and skin. This drag and drop landing page builder speaks for itself.

Check out ThesisAwesome skins for Thesis because they are in fact awesome!