Google, in its infinite wonderment, is constantly coming up with inventions that make life better. There is Chrome, email for the post 1990s, and enough ad sales revenue to pay off the national debt (not that that’s what it’s being used for) – just to name a few. Among these perks comes Google’s email chat function, or Gchat. Sitting in the bottom left-hand corner of any Gmail user’s account, this free device lets users – you guessed it – message one another instantly. Whether you send quick messages, follow up on emails, or sit and chat all day long, this program is just one more piece of amazing that Google has to offer.

So how do people still not know about it? Three times in as many months I’ve sent over a quick question, only to receive an email or text response asking, “What did you just send me?” A Gchat, you living-under-a-rock cave person, I sent you a Gchat.

gchat some ecard

Despite owning email accounts and regularly logging in, these users, most of which have been my family members, still don’t know that their Google account comes with the ability to instant message.

It’s like they have never heard of Facebook or running water.

My Gchat Experiences

Not only is chat one of the main reason I switched from my dinosaur Hotmail account, I use it every single working day of the week. Sometimes for work and sometimes for breaks from long hours staring at the computer (even though it’s still staring at the computer). I can talk with clients about blog content, ask my grammar nerd friends typography questions, find out what time my family is having dinner, and basically every other helpful thing ever. Gchat continually saves the day.

And there are still people who haven’t heard of it!

For the love of the Internet, educate yourself on Gchat, folks. It’s one of the best free tools available for communication, research, and quick contact. Try it out, your mind will be blown.