cloud computingCloud computing is a catalyst for faster development, delivery of information, and pretty soon it will become a standard rather than a breakthrough technology.

I’ve written frequently on how cloud is a disruptive technology, but now let’s talk about how it’s altering your business.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t or won’t ever affect me. In reality, cloud computing isn’t just changing the role of developers; it is changing the role of your marketers, your sales force. And in the coming years, even the roles that having seemingly nothing to do with cloud will be affected. There are of course the skeptics, but here are a few ways it’ll transform the business.

IT for Everyone

It’s no longer up to the IT department to make decisions on which software will be used. Shadow IT is lurking in every department where 30% of IT spending being done is happening outside the official IT budget. You don’t need any approval; just a credit card and a third party service provider can deliver your department the cloud computing software it needs to run quicker.

Quicker Time to Innovation

Budgets and project timelines are two hot topics, or should I say issues, in the IT and Business world. Who is going to pay for what? And how many man hours will it take? Cloud computing helps reduce both. This in turn gives companies the ability to experiment with wild ideas. It cuts down the time of testing and simulation.

Do It Yourself

We all know the common complaint about the IT department. It takes weeks to get something done, even if it’s critical to the business, because they’re overworked understaffed. When your company has its data stored in the cloud, it makes it easier for the end users to create a front-end of what they want.

Technology for All

Gone are the days of divide between the suits and the techies. Take a look at your kids, nieces, nephews, basically anyone under the age of 16 and you’ll see they are already a part of the technology culture that’s upon us. Our future business leaders will lead with technology like the cloud. Cloud computing gives companies an advantage to do things quicker and with less red tape.

This alteration won’t happen overnight, but it will continue to be a key aspect of the future business. It will affect job descriptions, and if I were you, I’d get on-board. Check out the Business Innovation Cloud section to get up to speed.