Business women Frustrated with SPAMAre you asking yourself “How can I stop getting spam in my inbox?”

Spending hours a week cleaning out your inbox is interfering with your productivity. You spend hours cleaning out your inbox because you don’t have an email filtering system. To take back your time you should use an email filtering system, such as Spam Assassin.

Spam Assassin is an open-source email filtering system that identifies spam messages based on the header and the body of the email. It you would like to know more about how Spam Assassin determines if an email is SPAM you can read more about it on the SpamAssassin website.

Here is how you can start using Spam Assassin today.

    1. Log into your cpanel.
    2. Scroll down to the mail section.

Spam Assassin Cpanel Icon

    1. In the mail section click on Spam Assassin.

The Button To Enable Spam Assassin

  1. Click Enable Spam Assassin.

Then a screen will load that says Attempting to enable Spam Assassin.

Spam assassin enable process
And once it is enabled you will see a message that says “Spam Assassin has been enabled on this Account.” You will also see a message that says SpamAssassin is now: Enabled

By clicking the back button at the bottom of the screen you can set other filter settings. You can set Spam Assassin to automatically delete messages that meet a certain score. Or you can disable the Auto-Delete Spam feature to ensure important emails are not deleted.

Button to enable the spam box
If you would like to review email that is labeled SPAM enable the Spam Box. If everything is spam great you can delete them all with one click of the mouse from the spam folder. You can also log into Cpanel and go to Spam Assassin and click the Clear Spam Box button.

Button to clear the spam box
After using Spam Assassin for a while you will want to come back and configure Spam Assassin to better meet your needs. You can add spam email addresses to the blacklist. You can also add email addresses or domains to the white list to ensure their emails are never treated like filthy SPAM. You can also set a required score to be hit before an email is classified as SPAM.

So there you have it a tip to help you stop wasting so much time clearing SPAM from your inbox.

Cpanel Documentation
The Apache SpamAssassin Project