All the major websites that you visit on a daily basis have a major need for quality web architects who can focus on site creation, conversion and application development. As a result, the demand for digital creative professionals is at an all-time high. If you are in the market for a new, exciting and fast-paced job, you may be interested in knowing exactly which digital creative job titles were most requested from Onward Search’s nationwide base of clients.

The most requested job title was that of web developer. Web developers are responsible for the programming and interaction elements of a website and are accustomed to creating magical user experiences. According to, skilled web developers make a median salary of $82,000. Of course, developers in certain regions can expect to command an even higher salary. The starting salary for talented web developers in New York and San Francisco is $82,000 and can reach nearly $130,000 after the developer gains experience and expands his or her skill set, based on data from

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The complete list of 10 most requested job titles, median salary information and top 20 markets are clearly outlined in this infographic. Does any job title catch your attention? Please discuss!