Whether you’re going on a weekend city break or a two-month trek through the Amazon rainforest, you need a list to help get you organised. It’s no good waiting until the night before you flight to pack your bag or you rucksack – good packing means good organization, and that therefore means good advance planning.

  • Choose your luggage

First things first – you need to choose luggage that’s appropriate for your trip. There’s no point lugging an expensive and highly impractical heavy-duty suitcase on and off rural buses in Brazil. Likewise, you’ll probably feel out of place turning up at the reception desk of a classy Parisian boutique hotel, dragging a dirty carry-all behind you.

  • The tech lowdown

If you’re taking expensive tech on your travels, choose cases that will keep it safe and secure. Waterproof camera cases and laptop sleeves are essential if you’re going to be roughing it in campsites or lazing around on beaches. If you’re off-roading then tough tech cases are the answer. For your camera or mobile case, make sure you choose something that will hold a couple of spare 32GB Extreme SD 45 mb/s memory cards. These will see you through the longest trip with the most amount of photo opportunities as they can store an incredible amount of data without batting an eyelid. Pick a card like the Extreme SD SanDisk and you can’t go too far wrong.

  • Insure your gadgets

You should have sorted out travel insurance well in advance of departure day but it’s always worth checking that high-value tech items don’t need extra cover. Often, you’ll get a fixed amount cited on your policy but you should double check that phones, cameras and laptops are all automatically included in this – if anything happens it will be too late to change the details.

  • Keep tabs on your tech

It goes without saying that you should try and keep your valuables about your person. But it’s not always possible to have a camera and laptop to hand. If you can’t keep them with you, ask your hotel to put them in the safe, or use one provided in your room if there is one. Don’t take any chances; it takes a split second for someone to lift your gear and you’d be gutted if you lost all your photos and video of your trip – you can replace the gear but you can never replace your photos.

Tech is a big part of any trip these days so it makes sense to plan how you’re going to transport it, look after it and protect it on insurance. You’ve probably spent a lot of money choosing and buying the tech that suits your lifestyle and pursuits so it would be crazy to risk it all by leaving your camera unattended, or leaving your expensive laptop on the bed in your hotel room. Just because you’re relaxed and away from home doesn’t mean you can let your guard down and assume that your valuables will be safe. And, if you’re really worried about losing your stuff, take copies or your pics as you take them or keep full memory cards with you all the time.