The massive Chinese company Snail Games has made it’s move into the American market with it’s Android gaming console Obox. Not Xbox. Obox.

Snail Games originally gained popularity as a browser based MMO game called Age of Wushu, which boasts 5-6 million active users a month – the majority of which are in China.

But now Snail Games has moved into hardware – unveiling it’s console with a playable demo:

it was fun

The console rocks an Nvidia K1 processor, 4K resolution, and 3D display. It looked great; crisp and clear, comparable to any current gaming console on the market. It ran fluid and without and hiccups, impressive for something practically unheard of.

On top of everything else they’re simultaneously releasing the portable Obox – the W3D. Similar to a tablet, and powered by a 32 bit Nvidia Tegra K1, the W3D boasts full 1080p resolution and 3D gaming options. The 3D works the same as the 3DS – no glasses necessary.


Snail Games plans to release both the Obox and the Obox W3D in China Q2 2015, and in the US Q3 2015. No prices have yet been released.

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