343 studios, the current developer behind the Halo franchise, is adding updates to the Halo 5 beta and includes new weapons, maps, and modes.

Users logging in today will no longer be able to play on the maps “Truth” and “Empire”, instead they will see “Regret” and “Eden” which are essentially updated versions of Truth and Empire. Loadouts, your starting weapons when you spawn in-game, have been updated, and now include the ability to start with a battle rifle.

There’s even a totally new game type in the Halo 5 Beta – Breakout. In a bit of a slayer fashion, each player in the team has only one life, and you need to completely kill the enemy team to win the round. Whichever team wins five rounds will win the game, and is playable on two new maps, Crossfire and Trench.

The Halo 5 beta even introduced a completely new weapon to the franchise, the Hydra MLRS, which is classified as a “power weapon”. The Light Rifle from Halo 4 will also be featured in the Halo 5 beta, and will be upgraded. Quinn DelHoyo, one of the multiplayer game designers, mentions that it’s considered to be a “tier 2 weapon now”.

343 studios is looking for feedback from players to ensure that the Halo 5 beta lives up to its name – to not only be fun, but for the developer to get feedback to ensure the best possible end result when the game is released later this year.

Even though the Halo 5 Beta is off to a strong start with many fans loving the updates to the series, the recent HD collection of the first 4 games, The Master Chief Collection, is still suffering from issues. Most fans are happy with the new textures and updates, especially with Halo 2, but there are still complaints of being unable to play the game online, and that there are still various bugs. 343 Studios is working constantly to address these issues, and there have been signs of the game finally seeing improvements. Hopefully the game will be more playable soon, as it’s one of the biggest games that the Xbox One has.

Photo Credit: 343 Studios