With more and more people going mobile, there should be an increase in IT sales. It does not matter if the users themselves fall under the scope of B2B or B2C marketers, both sides of the business world are coming to realize the overall impact of increasing smartphone usage.

Growing IT Sales Through IT Leads

IT Sales, IT Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThe logic never changes; if your salespeople have more software leads, they have more opportunities to make sales. But right now, more research is coming in which further indicates how mobile is becoming another piece in that marketing puzzle. Take this recent citation from MediaPost News:

As the politicos like to say about the latest polls, it is the internals that really count. Regardless of smartphone penetration, key mobile activities are well past the majority mark. Now more than three-quarters of Americans use SMS (75.5%), 54% use apps and 52% use the mobile browser. Considering that cell phone penetration now is at 234 million Americans, those are mighty numbers indeed. More specific mobile activities such as social networking (39%) and game playing (34.4%) now occupy more than a third of users.”

This increase in mobile usage among the general population has implications for all areas of business: CRM, HR, BI etc. Cloud is not the only thing ripening the ERP software market. If the advantage of your IT sales comes from having such a wide coverage, then it is only more imperative that your business starts factoring it in:

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  • CRM – With more customers browsing via smartphone, there comes the need to improve their interactions on it. CRM systems that integrate mobile should start answering this demand by finding IT sales leads among mobile businesses. On the other hand, your IT sales team should also be aware of what this could mean for customer privacy. Security should also be a primary concern because hackers too are aware of how mobile is starting to tie itself to everything.
  • HR – An increase in mobile is also good news for people advocating the mobile work force. The issues of BYOD and enabling off-site access are all centered around the possibilities of mobile working in tandem with cloud to create a work force that is freed of the cubicle and always free to dispatch. Can you imagine your prospects’ employees finding more comfort working at home and then just strolling out once a new task comes in?

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  • BI – Smartphones are being used in both inside and outside the work place. The information circulating through it all can be a hassle for inexperienced business users. On the other hand, your IT sales representatives must be aware of what needs to be organized and separated. In which area is mobile used more frequently? What measures do you take in case one such device is compromised? How do you screen for customers who might in fact be hackers posing as them?

On a final note though, even positive statistics have their limitations. Mankind’s transition into mobile is still only limited to the developed world. Your IT sales team should not also forget that new technologies can generally start out as expensive. Even businesses within developed nations might not see relevance given their size. Learn to practice proper targeting so that your sales lead generation can maintain growth in IT sales to compliment growth in mobile usage.