Twitter is always filled with a steady stream of posts, but today, many tweets have a common theme: the release of the new iPhone 4S. The latest edition of the iPhone is said to offer 2x faster performance, 7x faster graphics, an enhanced camera, and possibly the most eagerly-awaited feature, Siri.

Siri is Apple’s new mobile assistant app that encourages you to talk to your iPhone. No, really. When you launch Siri, you can ask a variety of questions and (it?) (she?) will respond back. You can ask Siri for directions, to send a text for you, to send an email, schedule a meeting, tell you the weather, remind you about something later, and much more.

It’s worth mentioning that the release of the iPhone 4S coincides with the unofficial “Steve Jobs Day.” Although most likely unplanned by Apple, it’s still a nice tribute to Steve Jobs, who passed away just little over a week ago.

Unfortunately, many people did not order their iPhone in time to receive it today, including one of our programmers, Jerry, (who is crying while creating some kind of code I don’t understand). But others already have it in their possession and have been flooding Twitter with posts about it.

Want to know what people are saying on Twitter about the iPhone 4S? Check out the tweets below:

  • #Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak bought doughnuts for entire crowd waiting for the #iPhone4S at the Los Gatos store
  • Got my iPhone4s , Apple really has gone to the next level !!!
  • The IPhone 4S is the same exact thing as the Iphone4. There’s no difference. It’s not worth buying
  • The energy and excitement of an Apple product launch is something everyone should experience. This one is for you Steve. #iSad #iPhone4s
  • Havent put my #iPhone4S down since I left the store 5 hours ago…
  • Just got the iphone4s. Blackberry has no chance. This phone is crazy. #iphonedominatesblackberry
  • Just bought the Iphone4S!!!! I’m in love! #Iphone4S #AppleLove #Happiness
  • 3 hours, 50 minutes until the FedEx truck arrives with my new #iPhone4S but who’s counting?
  • So many people are trying to activate their #iphone4s at the same time, that the server has crashed…#notwinning
  • I have the #iPhone4S Let’s just say I’m growing dizzy with power. How cool is it that this is the one phone God fashioned w/His own hands?
  • I should of went to random neighborhoods today and rang doorbells getting people all excited thinking it was their new iPhone4S delivery

Want to join in on the Twitter conversation? Include the hashtag #iPhone4S when sending out your tweet.