The first rumors about the GoPro 6 model have begun to emerge. GoPro, one of the few legend brands in the action camera industry, is planning to release a new model in 2017.

It’s a well-known fact that GoPro is having some hard times due to technical problems in the GoPro Hero 5 action cam and Karma drone in 2016. Its $800 worth drone was randomly losing power while flying and the GoPro Hero 5 model was leaking water inside due to an error on the production line.

GoPro 6 model may arrivet his year!

GoPro is starting to work on a new model in order to reclaim the leadership in the action cameras niche in spite of all these inconveniences.

We received very first report about the new device from the GoPro CEO Nick Woodman. Woodman said they will produce new camera models in 2017, and the name will probably be GoPro 6, but we should also add that he carefully avoided giving out any technical or time details.

One of the biggest features we expect GoPro to release is the ability to record videos with 4K resolution and at a higher FPS rate. In this respect, it will have an important technical superiority to its previous model Hero 5 and competitors.

GoPro’s drone Karma, which has the ability to follow its users automatically without a need of control, is also available for sale again on,, and other online retailers. For now, it is still unknown if the GoPro has plans to release a new model of Karma or not, but its battery problem seems to be gone after recalls and updates.