I love looking at Google Trends to see when a particular keyword spikes in search. As an Internet wizard, it’s entertaining; as a content marketer, it helps with article ideation and promotion. Remember when the Harlem shake videos were popular, or the goat edition videos that went viral? It’s amazing to see a keyword go from zero searches, to drastically spiking in search in only one month.


Yesterday, a few co-workers and I played a new favorite Google Trends game: Top Charts. We gathered around, using our best judgment and guessed what we thought were the top searches for food, books, movies, sports and cars for this year or for previous years. Then, with Top Charts we could look up real trends from all the way back to 2004, and compare our guesses against real data. We’re nerdtastically awesome.

How it works:

Go to google.com/trends and click on “Top Charts” in the top left. From there, Google will list out the top search terms people are interested in within each category: business and politics, entertainment, nature and science, shopping, sports, and travel and leisure. In each of these broad categories, Google segments into more categories. For instance, under “entertainment” the categories are actors, DJs, kids’ TV, movies, people—just to name a few. Each chart lists a top five view with a comparative rating using an orange colored bar. The arrows indicate that a particular item has gone down or up since last month.


You can click “more” to view the top 10 items with a brief description and other information, like peak ranking and total time on the chart.


If you check on the explore options, Google will show you interest over time and other related terms:


Top Charts is a great way to see what is trending for personal interests and also for marketers. As a content marketer, it will help me tremendously to relate what’s popular in search to the content I place and promote. Plus, since they’re topics people are obviously interested in, mentions of them will increase readership and social shares.

So, go on and play the Top Charts Google Trends game with YOUR co-workers! How will you use this new tool to follow top trends?