Google’s been up to a lot of new things lately, including research on self-driving vehicles, car insurance, and a ride-sharing service to compete with Uber. Now, they have a secret, and we won’t know what it us until next week.

They are promising a product debut, and though we have no idea what exactly it will be, there are a few hints. The company is teaming up with Mattel, a popular toymaker, and they are using the tagline “view what’s possible.” Their invitation for the announcement “includes reference to what looks to be a reel from the old View-Master toy from the mid-90’s.”

We may not know what their product debut will be, but the evidence points to toys. Stephen Hall from 9to5Google suggests that one of Mattel’s new products will use Google’s technology from Cardboard or even Google Glass.

Google and Mattel’s event will take place in New York City on Friday, February 13. It’s great timing because the 2015 Toy Fair kicks off the following day in Manhattan. Because of Mattel’s notable name, they will have a huge presence there.

For those who don’t know or remember, View-Master is a cardboard disk that contains seven 3D stereoscopic pairs of tiny colored images on film. Kids look into it and snap a button to go through the images. The toy was invented in the 1939 and was popular through the 90’s. With a clear relationship between Cardboard, the extremely affordable virtual reality headset, it’s easy to think Google’s secret will integrate some form of virtual reality into a toy.

Virtual reality has been a popular tech. product since the announcement of Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s mind-blowing hologram glasses. It’s highly unlikely that the secret will be too similar to these two products, because that can be expensive, especially for a toy. But using the basics of these technologies? Now that may be possible.

Self-driving cars? Virtual Reality glasses and toys? 2015 is looking like another technological revolution.

[PhotoCredit: 9to5Google, ComingSoon]