At this point, you’ve got a firm foundation in the basics of Google, advanced searching, and tab options. This next set of Google shortcuts will help you out when you can’t find a calculator, need to convert Euros into U.S. Dollars, or even want to catch up on some reading. Open up a browser, go to and follow along with the following shortcuts & tricks – enter the bolded words into the Google search bar:

1. Number conversions:

Google will help you convert any measurement. Just input the following format into the Google search bar – [measurement 1] to [measurement 2]. Wondering how long a 10K really is? Enter 10K to miles.

2. Currency conversions:

Similar to number conversions find out how much the Yen equivalent is of 100 U.S. Dollars for your upcoming trip to Japan, with the [currency 1] in [currency 2] format. When you search 100 usd in yen, you find out 100 U.S. Dollars is 7,839 Yen.

3. Google calculates anything:

From simple addition to more advanced math functions involving cosine and pi. Do you know what (number of horns on a unicorn + pi)/cos(0) is equal to? Google does. So far we know Google knows the number of horns on a unicorn, are there any other funny numbers Google knows that you’ve found?

4. Search by advanced image search:

On the image tab, filter your results with the additional tools in the left side panel. Helpful when you need an exact size, photo type, or color. Use it to find that perfect clip art for your presentation or a hi-res image for your desktop background. Check out full color images of yosemite national park.

5. Public domain books:

Catch up on your reading by clicking “books” in the left side panel. You can read the complete text of any public domain book and add it to your library for free. Start with alice in wonderland or the secret garden. What public domain books do you have in your Google library?

6. Public data:

Need some quick stats or data for a report you’re putting together? Use Google to find public data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics for a country, state, or even down to the county level. Find the population new york city or unemployment rate greece. Click through on the graph to compare those results to other locations.