Who cares if the Google Reader shuts down on July 1st? Who cares? EVERYBODY CARES!! 74,282 mentions on Twitter in 12 hours (about 20,000 tweets during the 3 hours I’ve worked on this post). By the time you read this, maybe it will pass the 100K mark. Check it here). Everyone is scrambling for the best alternative. So many tools that we use, especially if you’re doing any kind of curation, depend upon the Google RSS reader. So how big is the Google Reader replacement question?

Google Reader Replacement – a big deal?

Some indicators that it’s big:


  • Flipboard made a great move and announced their Google Reader import function (tweeted 885 times already!). By the way, Feedly (who I love) has also announced a seemless transition away from G-Reader when it shuts down. Yea!
  • Gizmodo did a cool thing, and simply launched the question to their readers: “What’s the best replacement?” So far there are 62 comments (tweeted 200 times).
  • LIfeHacker’s article shows us how popular this discussion is (and how popular LH is!). Their “how to” and list of alternatives have been retweeted 4,111 times, and they’ve already generated 179 comments, and had 178,000 page views.
  • So yeah, it’s a ‘big deal’ to lose the Google Reader. If you don’t believe me, try importing your feeds RIGHT NOW into your new reader. You’ll likely see a message like, ‘Hey, sorry, but we’re experiencing serious bandwidth limitations right now! Come back later!’

My Suggestion for a Google Reader Replacement

OK, that’s it. I gotta publish this thing before the number of Tweets jumps up again and forces me to update!