Google find my phone feature
Photo Credit: TechStage

Google is one of the first places people go when they lose their phone. The company recently realized that users will type in “I lost my phone” with the hope of receiving advice on how to track down their valuable smartphone.

Instead of simply returning results about finding their phone, users will now be directed to a Find My Phone page.

The new feature has been added to Google’s My Account hub.

The My Account hub was introduced last year as a place for Google users to control privacy and security settings for their various accounts on Google-owned platforms.

Google has offered phone tracking help through years via its Google Android app. Apple offers a similar service of its own.

This is the first time they’re collected in one place and integrated with search results.

Using the service smartphone owners can text or call their phone or table, disable Google accounts remotely, and even see their lost device on a map.

Some options require iOS users to be redirected to the iCloud page.

Google has even added the ability to find the nearest “Lost and Found” office which is an effective measure in Europe and Asia.

The Find My Phone tool is available now in My Account and it will soon be added to Google search results.