Google Maps Rolls Out New Features Such as Sharing Notifications and Immersive Views

Google is planning to boost its competitiveness when it comes to location data. Consumers looking for destinations are turning towards platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Google now wants to be the first place where users can go to discover locations close to them and to do this, it has launched a set of new features.

Google Maps wants to compete with Instagram and TikTok

To support the growing use of its application, Google Maps has announced the release of three new features on its navigation app. These features include immersive views of 100 landmarks, detailed cycling routes, and better location sharing with notifications.

Over the years, Google Maps has been launching new features and making improvements to make it easier for people to move from one location to another. Some of the platform’s current features have been realized after a long upgrade.

In a developer conference held in May, Google outlined its plan for immersive views, with a plan to create 3D models of landmarks by integrating Street View, satellite, and aerial images. The company is now launching immersive views of over 100 locations in some of the biggest cities such as Barcelona, New York, London, and San Francisco.

The immersive view feature will be initially restricted to landmarks alone. During the Google IO conference, the company said it planned to use the feature in neighborhoods and restaurants. This will allow users to glimpse what a location looks like before visiting it.

The senior vice president of the Knowledge & Information organization at Google, Prabhakar Raghavan, issued a statement last month saying that most young people were turning to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to discover new places and areas to visit.

Google is receiving increased competition from these social media platforms, with Instagram launching a searchable map for people to find new places. Instagram is also attracting young people through projects such as web 3.0 & crypto assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Bike navigation and location sharing

The other feature launched by Google Maps is detailed cycling routes. The company has improved the feature by incorporating new additions such as elevation profiles and bikesharing location data.

This feature will make Google Maps readily available to bike riders. It will also inform cyclists of what is happening on the road, such as the extent of traffic and the best routes they can use to avoid being stuck in traffic. Google will provide bikers with bike lanes, minor roads, shared paths, and major roads. Users will also be informed of obstacles, such as hills and stairs.

Google is also updating location-sharing data to enable people to share live locations. It will have arrival and departure notifications for specific locations.

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