With the sixth annual Google I/O conference beginning Wednesday, developers and coders from all over the country will make the pilgrimage to San Francisco to hear the company’s latest announcements.

These 5,500 fanatics are part of a select few, as tickets to the three-day event at the Moscone Convention quickly sold out. But there’s hope for those not lucky enough to nab a ticket — highlights from the conference will be broadcast live at locations around the world as part of Google I/O Extended. This initiative offers industry members the chance to connect with other IT professionals, view demonstrations, listen to speakers and watch a live stream of I/O events.

Last year’s I/O conference saw the unveiling of Project Glass, as well as the Jelly Bean operating system, the Nexus 7 tablet and the ill-fated Nexus Q Media Hub. The recently announced schedule for this year’s event outlines a three-hour keynote presentation and hundreds of breakout sessions for developers.

Rumored announcements at I/O

This year, rumors point to the likely announcement of Google’s latest operating system, Key Lime Pie. There could also be a major update to Google Maps and more details on how consumers are expected to use Google Glass, with the announcement of some third-party apps.

Rumors that the company has abandoned the Motorola X phone project could be premature, but it’s unlikely the product will be launched this week. Talks of an update to the Nexus 4 phone gained traction after some retail stores in the U.S. and U.K. pulled the product from their shelves. The most likely update will be to fix the current model’s lack of 4G LTE support, with a possible increase in internal memory to 32GB.

Breakout tech sessions

This year’s event will feature sessions for developers and coders, presentations from developers, and more than 100 breakout tech sessions. Some of the live streamed sessions to look forward to include:

Beyond the Blue Dot: New Features in Android Location

Android Graphics Performance

Android Protips: Making Apps Work Like Magic

A Moving Experience

Each day there will additionally be sessions for Chrome, Google+, Google’s Cloud Platform, Maps and YouTube. There will also be a Women Techmakers session, as well as sessions for Glass, Ads and Wallet.

The I/O developer sandbox and code labs

The developer sandbox is a part of the conference in which leading developers can show off the work they’ve done with I/O-featured projects. A series of code labs will also be held so that coders can “roll up [their] sleeves and get elbow-deep in code.” These hands-on sessions are designed to help inexperienced coders learn tips and tricks from experts.

So remember to head over to the I/O site — or an I/O Extended site — for live streaming, learning and, hopefully, major news. While Mountain View is mum, press outlets are wildly speculating we could see everything from the self-driving car to a Chrome phone to more Fiber cities.