Google, one of the most influential tech companies on the web, has just made itself even more influential. Just yesterday, they announced their plan to bring serious internet speed to the residents of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.

What is Google Fiber?

Their new ultra-high speed internet service is named Google Fiber. It’s an ambitious project that is just now seeing its initial stages come to life. Google created the Google Fiber product and explained their philosophy on the Google Blog. In typical Google style they stated, “Fast is better than slow […] Abundance is better than scarcity […] Choice is better than no choice.”

Let me tell you, they sure mean it when they say “Fast is better than slow.” Google Fiber is set to bring speeds of up to 1 Gbps to users. Samfira Cosmin at Tech Source puts those speeds in perspective writing, “the average speed of the current internet connection in [the] U.S. … is 5.8 Mbps.” That means Google Fiber is well over 100 times faster than your average high-speed internet connection. Yes, one-hundred times faster. What’s even better is that the TV and Internet packages available with Google Fiber are competitively priced – $300 installation and monthly fees anywhere from $70-$120.

The implications of this move are quite frankly, amazing. Google says it themselves, “Imagine: instantaneous sharing; truly global education; medical appointments with 3D imaging; even new industries that we haven’t even dreamed of, powered by a gig.” Forget the buzz about the iPhone 5; this is probably the most exciting — and meaningful — tech news of the year.

Google Fiber and the Future

Google has essentially taken it upon themselves to create a bandwidth revolution. There’s no telling what’s to come as Google gradually rolls out Google Fiber throughout the rest of the country. But one thing is for sure with a move like this. Google is forcefully entering a market where currently a handful of companies have control and they are simultaneously creating a new area for expansion. And Google is going to succeed.

They know the future of just about everything is on the web. They are both creating that future and preparing for that future. I’m personally ecstatic over the announcement. This is the sort of boldness and ambition the U.S. economy and the country need to really get things going again.

For businesses large and small, this sort of move should be another example (well, a big, important, and fast example) in a long history of examples of the direction consumers are going. Every day, the Internet becomes more a part of consumers’ lives. Don’t get left behind; there’s no looking back now with Google Fiber.

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