Today Google launched the next in an every increasing list of productivity tools! Or in this particular case, and update and conversion of what was once known as Google Docs. One of the concerns/complaints many of us Googlers had for some time now was we had to log into Google Docs and upload files/folders through a browser. Why couldn’t Google just make it easier for us and allow us to upload files from our desktop like DropBox? Well we can now! (Well, some of us can. Google is rolling out Google Drive like all of their previous product/service updates….over a short period of time and not all at once. So if you can’t get into Google Drive right this second don’t worry you will sooner than you think!)

Google Drive now makes life so simple it’s not even funny! Now anyone with a Google account can install a small application to their computer (mac/pc) and a Google Drive folder is created. From there all the user has to do is save or drag/drop the files they want access to from anywhere to the folder. From a business and productivity standpoint this will make life easier for companies such as ours with multiple locations globally. Now utilizing everyone’s existing gmail accounts we can sync all of our company documents among all of our staffs computers with a sense of ease that already makes me want to relax and put my feet up! Although the service is not yet available for Google Apps users, our sources at Google say it is on track to be integrated into the Google Apps experience within the next few weeks. Until that time companies such as ours will have to utilize our personal Google Accounts.

All of us here are eager to start integrating Google Drive into our organization and we look forward to sharing our experience utilizing the service over the upcoming days/weeks. Most importantly we look forward to hearing your comments and experience using Google Drive!

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