Google Chromebook on Sale Soon

Google has released that their Chromebook, their version of a laptop, will be going on sale in June. Created by makers Acer and Samsung, the laptop will be working on its own operating system, competing with both Microsoft and Apple as the leader in a new type of computing.

Laptops will be around $349 to purchase and a small monthly rate to rent — $20 for students, $28 for business employees. Schools and businesses will be able to mass purchase them to give out for this renting fee. The reason they may be targeting these larger group systems is the Google Chromebook has a unique software system: essentially, there is no desktop.

Basically, the computer itself is really just a browser. All documents, data, information and photos will not be stored on the Chromebook, but in the Google “cloud” of data, accessible to and from any other Chromebook as long as it is connected to the internet. The software used for the laptop will also be updated automatically over the internet whenever there is a new version. The serious benefits for this system is obvious – large corporations of students and employees can stay connected in an inexpensive, easy and updated way.

Additionally, all the software usually found on desktops will be web-based with the Chrome system. Instead of Microsoft Office, for example, Google Docs will be used; instead of e-mail software, users have Gmail, online.

Although it may be difficult to convince a growing technological public to use such cloud computing where they don’t have physical copies of their hardware, Chrome could be the new wave of computing taking place as we speak. There are definitely many benefits – ease of use, low cost, accessibility – but we will have to wait and see if Microsoft or Apple can ante up.