Today, Google is marking the 30th anniversary of Pi Day with a tasty, mathematical-themed treat. The search engine celebrated the holiday, which is observed annually on March 14, by serving up a delicious Doodle.

Pi Day recognizes the mathematical constant 3.14 that has been represented by the Greek letter π since the 18th century. According to Google, the mathematical holiday was first recognized by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988. “Pi Day observers often celebrate with a slice of their favorite pie in honor of the number’s delicious sounding name.” This year was no different as Google teamed up with Cronut creator Dominique Ansel to create a pi-inspired Doodle.

“Excited to be a part of today’s @GoogleDoodles to celebrate #PiDay,” Ansel tweeted. “I love that baking = math + science + art. With butter, flour, sugar & eggs + a whole lot of imagination you can create anything.” The Doodle depicts the pi formula using yummy apple pie. The recipe for the salted caramel apple pie can be found on the Google Doodle website.

Congress officially recognized Pi Day in 2009 and the holiday is generally celebrated with lots of pie and math puns.

See how social media reacted to the pie-themed Doodle below:

Social Media Reacts to Google’s Pi Day Doodle

What are your thoughts on Google’s Pi Day Doodle? How are you celebrating the mathematical holiday? Sound off in the comments section below!