KitKat1_edited-1In what is sure to be the latest trend in advertising, Google has struck a deal with Hershey Co. for the name of their latest Android Operating System.

Kit Kat 4.4, set to hit the marketplace in early October, is named after that delicious Hershey treat with that unforgettable jingle “Gimme a break, Gimme a break,” which was evidently a favorite snack of the Android development team.

It is clear that with this move, Google is trying to cater to a younger audience, and companies like Hershey are beginning to see that billboards and banner ads may be far less effective than having your name on a piece of equipment that kids are checking hundreds of times a day.

Not only will Android 4.4 carry the Kit Kat name, the packaging of Kit Kat bars will now include a picture of the Android robot on every wrapper.

This is the first major market technology cross advertisement, so only time will tell whether Hershey and Google made the right decision, but right now it seems like a bright move.

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, and if Hershey sees a boost in revenue with this new-market exposure, corporations will be lining up around the corner of every major tech manufacturer to get their labels on these portable gadgets and platforms.

Will this mean the death of billboard and stadium advertising?

Probably not, but companies must see the value in having their brand visible every time a kid opens his/her computer or turns on his/her phone.

It has been clear for years that kids are the leaders of the tech world, and if this tactic helps Google steal some Apple kids away from their I-Phones and I-Pads, then it will be a great success and a revolution in modern advertising.

Kudos to you Google, and thanks for getting that Kit Kat jingle stuck in my head yet again…