From Google Fiber to regional players like Cox’s Gigablast, blazing speeds are arriving to businesses and homes around the country.

Most of what I’ve seen and read focuses on what gigabit internet can do for our homes. I’m more interested in what a gigabit connections will do for the working world — and how we can prepare now so one of the systems we rely on most can make the most of them.

Ironically, one of the last tools you may think about could realize some of the biggest benefits. Bandwidth speeds have grown at the same time prices have declined, making the cloud the best move for the majority of businesses looking to upgrade aging equipment and get more value from their telecommunications investment.

The picture gets even better with bumped up bandwidth. Analysts like Gartner predict the majority of growth in unified communications and telecom will come from the cloud over the next few years. That’s because an estimated 85 percent of all businesses have a traditional PBX and will need to decide what to do when it comes time to upgrade. Those who have moved to hosted VoIP want more than just a dial tone as evidenced by our record-setting results.

If you’re about to replace your current system, here’s your chance to future-proof the new one:

  • Subscribe for scale and flexibility. Whether you’re ready to move your whole system to the cloud or need to ease your way into it with an on-premises device connected to the cloud, choosing a subscription model gives you unprecedented flexibility. You’ll pay for only what you need — without huge upfront capital investments.
  • Rent your equipment. There’s a reason leasing cars is so popular. After a while, you can swap out for a newer model with just a small change in your monthly payments. No more finding capital to swap out servers, routers, and desk phones. Less equipment depreciation to manage for finance, too.
  • Go GigE. Voice quality on today’s desk phones is already pretty great (especially if you have a router and ISP with quality of service/QoS). Faster speed to your desktop phones may just mean the extension of jitter and packet loss. But only if your phones can handle more than they do now. Of course, GigE IP phones have other benefits, too.

The best part? These future-proof moves work whether your internet service provider is already offering a gigabit bandwidth for business or you’re just running on regular high-speed internet like the rest of us.