Google HelpoutsGoogle Helpouts is one of the newest product offerings and it can help you bring another stream of income to your business through the use of coaching individual one at a time on different topics. Helpouts Providers are people who choose to coach others through sharing their knowledge in an individual session. Providers can also create Helpouts Listings to explain what type of coaching they can provide.

In a recent interview with Brian Quimby, Category Manager, Helpouts by Google, he stated that…

“New Helpouts users just need a Google+ account, a webcam, and a Google Wallet account for paid sessions. You can search for whatever topic you need help on, and then read the descriptions and check reviews to find the right provider. Helpouts can be instant or scheduled – to fit both of your schedules”.

It’s really not hard to get started because most people already have a Google account if they use YouTube, Gmail or event Blogger. One of the reasons that I love Helpouts is because it has allowed me to restore a vital part of my coaching program and to reach people I normally may not have been able to reach.

How can Google Helpouts assist me?

When you think about it, Helpouts is a very quick way to get to the answers that you may need to provide a solution to just about any issue you may experience. Quimby also shared that…

“As you probably know, Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. And Google Search is all about helping people find the right answers to their questions. Sometimes the right answer is in the form of a webpage, sometimes it’s in the form of a YouTube video, but sometimes what you really need is help from an expert in real time where you’re able to ask questions and get immediate feedback.”

It’s a great way for you to receive live video assistance and you can even choose to schedule sessions when they fit into your schedule and into the schedule of the Provider. Some of the Helpouts Listings are free and some are paid either a set price or charged by the minute.

Do I need to setup anything special for Helpouts?

google helpoutsWhen comes to participating in a Helpouts as a provider or client, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most browsers can be used to access the service as well as most operating systems. Since Helpouts use the Google+ Hangout environment, it’s important that you make sure you have the Hangout app installed (click here to install). Finally, make sure you have a video camera so that you can have a live, face to face session.

A few additional things for Helpouts clients to keep in mind are:

  • Some of the categories or topics are Art/Music, Computers/Electronic, Cooking and Fitness/Nutrition for example
  • You can receive real-time assistance from subject matter experts
  • Some Providers allow recorded sessions so that you can refer to them later

Can I do my own Helpouts service and how does it work?

Yes you can do your own Helpouts and all you have to do is go through the application process.

  • First you go through the signup process
  • Then you will need to setup your Helpouts listings
  • Next, update your schedule availability so that people can arrange for a session with you
  • Finally, make sure you show up for sessions that are scheduled with you

Here’s a short list of FREE Helpouts that you can check out:

Now you can checkout my weekly news segment that I did regarding Google Helpouts for KRNV news station with newscaster Melissa Carson hosting:

Quimby also shared that, “right now the marketplace is invitation only, but users interested in giving Google Helpouts can visit and request an invitation code.”