Few technologies have become as ubiquitous and necessary as the Internet. Ever since it’s popularity skyrocketed at the turn of the twenty-first century, scientists have been hotly debating the consequences of the Internet. Fortunately, many experts believe that we as a society are getting more intelligent from the medium. Here are five of the top reasons the internet could be making your more intelligent.

We Can Now Learn Anything and Everything

Before the age of Google, if we wanted to understand something we would have to scour our local library for an applicable book. If we were looking for a tidbit of information, we’d have to hope that an encyclopedia contained it. Now, we have instant access to virtually every piece of data ever created. We can learn about astrophysics from the comfort of our living rooms or simply discover who guest starred on that episode of Law and Order from the previous night.

More Experts to Talk With

The internet is more than just a virtual encyclopedia. It’s a meeting ground for any sort of person all over the world. Someone from an agrarian society could discuss the ethics of world hunger with a philosophy professor at Cambridge. The world’s experts are no longer these individuals atop pedestals. Now they are merely a click away. The internet has social networking sites like Reddit and Facebook allow people to communicate with the world’s experts and siphon off some of their knowledge.

Process Massive Amounts of Data

The internet created 2.5 quintillion bytes every minute, and that was just in 2010. The amount of data uploaded per minute has increased in part by the number of internet subscribers using a mobile. This translates into incredible opportunities for scientists. We can gather incredible amounts of information in days as opposed to the weeks or even years required just a couple decades ago.

No Shame in Intelligence

One of the biggest determining factors to future success and intellectual appetite is how much ridicule you faced as a child. Those who were picked on for their intelligence were less likely to exhibit their intelligence later in life. The internet has helped make knowledge attractive again. Niche communities like those found on Reddit tend to reinforce intelligence and intellectual growth. Learning is becoming cool again.

Less Need for Memorization

One of the most important inhibitions in the years prior was the amount of memory we needed to dedicate to remembering details. Thanks to the internet, there’s less of a need to remember things that aren’t vital for day to day activities, leaving much more room to grow in the vital areas.

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