People today rely on technology far more than in any other time. We entrust so many details about ourselves and our finances to our computers that each box on a desk represents a treasure trove of information for any hackers out there who can gain access to our hard drives.

And it’s not just our desktops that are at risk. Now, with the number of smartphones that have access to the internet, we are becoming ever more exposed to potential fraudulent activity via hackers’ viruses that are roaming the internet.

The best way you can protect yourself and the information about you that is contained on your devices that you use to access the internet is to get some good internet security installed. This isn’t complicated – it just requires a little research and then a simple download.  In fact, if you don’t have time to do any research, you can download a free antivirus software program immediately, and then take your time choosing a paid for subscription.

Most internet security providers offer free trials of varying lengths, such as the the Kaspersky internet security range, is available as a trial for 30 days. Downloading a trial version of the software gives you a chance to see how it works and to decide whether it is compatible with your system. You’ll be able to see how long a virus scan of the hard drive takes and see how easy (or not) it is to operate the software.

Antivirus software will block any viruses that are detected, and the paid for subscriptions will supply you with new virus signatures as they are discovered. It is estimated that hundreds of viruses are released onto the web on a daily basis, so this isn’t something that you can install and just forget about. Make sure that you run regular updates, and that you don’t let your subscription run out.

Of course, if you sign up to a particular internet security package and then find it’s not great for you to work with, you can always stop the subscription after the minimum period and install a different one. Like all things to do with technology, internet security is evolving constantly, and there’ll always be a better package for a better price available soon.