It’s almost ironic that the tech industry is never short of big forecasts what would supposedly revolutionize the rest of the world. I mean, can you imagine so many gamechangers really shaping things up in just a few years?

But as hyped as they are, they’re not without merit when their predictions grow more and more on the mark. The internet certainly did transform the world in time. Social media in turn had transformed the internet.

That’s why you should consider the possibility of getting more out of your software leads in light of big forecasts.

There’s no question that spotting trends is a must-have skill in B2B marketing. It lets you align offers with recent changes in the business world. Niches are easier to spot when one technology opens up a number of opportunities. It happened with the internet. It happened with social media. Who knows what’s next?

Mobile has certainly been shaking things up. In other sectors, 3D printing is still being set as the next revolution to disrupt the world of manufacturing. To outright dismiss the possibilities they pose is no less ill-advised to place your bets on all of them happening. How do you find the right balance and, as a result, find the sales opportunities connected to the change?

  • Step 1: Follow the chain reaction – A lot of forecasts are more or less chain reactions resulting from a single disruption. During the Age of Exploration, this was in the chartering of trade routes and innovations in ship building. After Thomas Edison, the world had officially entered the modern age. All of these had one single innovation that started it all. Find that disruption and see where it might lead.
  • Step 2: Plot out the demand – Take 3D printing for example. If the innovations are proving solid, it should only follow that demand would rise. However, where exactly would they rise and are these connected to your target market? For instance, will it really impact the way SCM professionals work or will it still turn to be business as usual for the most of them?
  • Step 3: Check the wall for writing – Take a step back and actually see if the writing’s on the wall when it comes to a forecasted disruption. Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed that thousands have already ordered his company’s massive, power wall batteries. However, will things really turn out as he predicted or will adoption be slower in reality? Always have a balanced view and keep your eyes on the wall for the proverbial writing.

Timing is obviously what this is about. The true danger of hype isn’t so much the excitement but the cynicism that spawns from disappointed investors and reviewers. This makes it harder to react when a real disruption takes place that creates opportunities that naysayers end up regarding as too good to be true. Keep your eyes open!