It doesn’t matter if you work in the construction field, food preparation, or tax services, you need a great office to work in. You want your office to reflect your style, and also be a well-organized and fun place to work. Here are a few things that will help you get through the day, stay productive, and enjoy your workspace:

One Desk, Four Walls

Make the most of your walls with some really innovative gadgets designed for better productivity in the work place. Install hanging file folders or use one wall as a giant cork board to display all your best work. If you’re in a small space hang some mirrors to give the room a larger appearance.

Do you have a messy desk? The desktop can become the catch-all for files, messages, and all manner of work related to-do. Get organized with functional yet eye-catching containers that will minimize the clutter. Try color coordinating boxes, trays, or shelves that not only look great but keep things within easy reach.

Tech Talk

Invest in a powerful business desktop computer with a large screen or even a 3D printer. Also, voice recognition software is very helpful for busy creative types. Every thought can be put into words on paper instantly. Another fun and useful tech gadget is a laser keyboard that beams a virtual image of your keyboard onto your desk. No more worries about spilling your coffee.

The best in office tech gadgets are on the rise. The future will bring even more amazing technological wonders for your workspace. Imagine a multi-functional desk lamp that watches your every move and helps you work more efficiently.

The Little Things

There are office essentials every desk needs, like a stapler, lamp, pushpins, and something to write with. Go beyond the dull basics and choose a gadget that doesn’t look like your normal stapler or pen or USB drive. Find paper clips and push pins that attract attention and look cool. If you want to incorporate a more homey touch to your desk than add a plant that also doubles as a fish bowl. Or in order to get control of all your cords use clips or docks that come in many interesting designs from botanical to avant-garde.

Break Time

Break time should be a fun and relaxing time. Whether it’s fifteen short minutes or a one hour lunch, you want to be able to kick back, lounge around, and not think about work while you’re at work. You can add a few stress-relieving gadgets to your desk to play with, like magnetic building pellets that can be molded into any shape or design you can think of. This is creative freedom as well as down time, and it also makes your desk look high tech.

You can even invest in a new office chair that could be the envy of everyone you work with. If staying fit is your goal get an exercise ball chair to help strengthen your core muscles whether you’re on your lunch break or not. It’s all about busting the boredom. Make break time fun time.

What are you doing to spruce up the office? Let us know in the comments.