People often get mixed vibes when asked about VR saying it is a fun entertainment platform which could be the medium of entertainment in the future. Yes, of course it is going to change the way we see the entertainment industry now. But the future of VR has a very distant place to go. VR is going to play a major role in the field of education, medical and other fields which were unimaginable. Experiencing a huge waterfall just sitting at our tables to enjoying a see-saw with butterflies in our stomach to surfing in the roughest of the seas while moving in a deserted land is all possible in VR.

What is also possible in VR is the experience of report by the ‘New York times’ showing the “fight for Falluja” documentary which was the first ever documentary shot in 3600 VR staying in the war zone which really can take you to the scene of fire fight and have a glimpse of life at the war affected zones.

Another company called ‘scopic’ did a documentary shoot in 3600 of the plight of the Syrian refugees. One can watch this in the news, read an article and probably see a picture or two but the real experience which has been shared in the documentary gives the reality of their plight which can be only imagined.

What VR can’t do?

VR can’t let you have the experience of travel one has while really visiting the place. The people, the interaction, their food, the experience which let alone you’ll have cannot be achieved in VR. What it can do is take you to their world, their culture, their architecture, their rituals etc. Educating about ones’ culture and traditions can be best served by using VR technology. One has to pay much less in order to learn about the culture just by visiting the place.

Interaction of VR with blockchain

Someone has rightly said once, “Someday, you’ll end up having a job not by what you know but by how you use your imagination.” Never had we thought that the power of imagination could end up with so much strength that it can change the way we view the world. VR has been there in the world since almost 20 to 30 years or way beyond it when people used panoramic pictures to show images to people. Blockchain since 2011 is pacing up in the tech world with all eyes on it. Blockchain is a revolution after the internet. The main concept of blockchain is having a decentralized platform and peer to peer exchange policies which maintain an encrypted platform for any kind of exchange, be it monetary or data.

One such innovation is ‘Gaze Coin’ (GZE) which is taking the whole VR experience using blockchain to a whole new level. It is trying to bring the virtual interaction with the real world by also monetizing the market. The ad-tech in this VR industry was unimaginable up until now; with the introduction of Gaze Coin developers are trying to imagine the monetization techniques using VR. It generally depends on the user ‘gaze’ count and charges the advertiser, monetizes the content creators. It can thus curate the content and send similar contents to the users using VR platform which are liked by them. Gaze Coin is definitely eyeing the imaginative power and getting the best out of it possible to the common people so that the world can further become a better place to live in.

‘Gazecoin’ with Blockchain

Gazecoin is a platform which is trying to incentivize the users, content creators and the advertisers. It charges on the basis of the amount of time a user gazes at the advertisements. The unit of this coin is ‘gaze’. Gazecoin is opening up a totally new and different market segment for the people who are developers into the VR/AR segment and also to the advertisers to market their product in the platform and in return pay in the form of ‘gazecoin’. Gazecoin has been built in blockchain Ethereum platform which enables the users to pay in either Ethereum coins or gazecoin. The ‘gazecoin’ sale is going live on 28th Nov 2017 for crowd sale. People can buy gazecoin directly through the crowd sale online or they can exchange with Ethereum or bitcoins.