So far it seems that 2014 has behaved exactly the same as previous years, but how about the technology side of business, how will that fair?  The good news for geeks is that there are plenty of cool projects in the works that will certainly make our lives even more space age, and a few of them could even be useful. So let’s take a look at how the next 12 months is going to pan out with regards to all things techy.

Google Glass

Google are usually at the front of the queue when it comes to impressing us with some groovy gadgets, and it looks like that trend is going to continue. Google Glass is supposed to be with us very soon and even we are pretty excited about this launch. Essentially, we are talking about a set of spectacles that helps the wearer to glean info from the internet by using voice control. The Beta testing has proved to be most successful and we believe that the technological giants have got it right once more.

Smart Watches

It just had to happen, for years we have almost forgotten about watches and most people check out their phones if they need to know the time. So can the humble watch finally fight back? That is the question and the answer looks set to be affirmative. We’ve already seen how uber-cool the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watches have been, and there’s going to be plenty of big boys to rival that product in 2014. Perhaps Apple will decide to enter the fray, or maybe they are happy enough with the mega bucks that the next iPhone is undoubtedly going to make for them.

Apple TV

Speaking of round green deciduous fruit, here they are with something completely different. Well, at this stage it may be no more than speculation, but their smartphone rivals are already well established in the widescreen TV market, so why not? Can you imagine the cool factor that a huge iOS backed media control station with a 100 inch screen would promote? They wouldn’t be cheap, but that was never the point. Samsung and Sony can rest easy for a little while, but eventually this technological behemoth will enter the stadium with all guns blazing.

Internet Control

Okay, you may be thinking what exactly does ‘internet control’ actually mean? It means plenty, because we are taking about controlling all of your appliances, and then some. Of course the smartphones will be the controlling gadgets that allow us to crank up the heating before we even enter the home, but we’ll go with the flow for now. Tablets and other mobile computing devices will also have a say on how we set up that wash cycle or keep the Sunday roast nice and toasty, so it could be an expensive, if rather slick, way to get the home nice and organised. If you are happier to do it yourself, you’ll probably be saving a few grand in the process and what’s an hour or two between friends?

Electric Cars

Those rather slow and limited vehicles look set to be receiving an attractive facelift in 2014, and about time too we say. With BMW leading the way, we can look forward to an improved power plant that is starting to look something like a proper engine. The charging points are increasing in number and pretty soon you’ll be able to drive for a little longer without fear of becoming stranded.  We will soon see an increase in sales for these eco-friendly chariots and no doubt that will also push the price up into the bargain.


The tail-end of 2013 saw the mighty consoles of Sony and Microsoft battling it out and the winners were undoubtedly the retail stores. PlayStation Now is probably the only new development that we will see this year, mores the pity. The online game streaming service promises much and will hopefully deliver in equal amounts. Will the Xbox try to get their own cloud based setup into the mix? Only time will tell.

4K TVs

Okay, these have been around for a little time already, but we’ve heard that the prices just might drop due to the influx of cheaper models. This fantastic viewing device has all but blown the standard HD screens into the bargain bins. And the new 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector will soon have what is left of the DVD player market quaking in their boots.

And the rest?

If that little lot wasn’t enough for you, there will be some surprises and a couple of failures as usual. Just don’t expect any one manufacturer to get everything their own way, because that would be plain boring. Keep your eyes and ears open and have an absolutely tech-tastic 2014.