Fugoo releases portable Bluetooth surround sound speakers, with an astonishing 40 hour battery life.

The built in omnidirectional microphone gives your speaker high quality speakerphone functionality. Answer a call right from your speaker, use Siri or Google Now to play your favorite music, call a friend, ask about weather or sports scores, or remind you to make a call.

With speakers on all four sides, the Fugoo Wireless Speaker delivers great sound in all directions. Fill the space of your party or event with crystal clear and loud sound.

Waterproof, and mountable, it’s design is practically indestructible, able to be dropped from 40 feet, and submerged in water for up to 3 feet for 30 seconds.

It’s dynamic EQ automatically adjusts the bass, mid-range, and highs as you adjust the overall volume.

Fugoo must be doing something right – they won a ‘CES Best Of’ award. The sound was clear and loud, the design rigid and solid. And of course the 40 hour battery life is insane. It seems to be aimed for people into extreme sports, be in motorbiking, water skiing, skateboarding, or camping; it is a speaker that can be thrown around safely, all while jamming out to good tunes along the way.

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