Is it feasible to live in a world without communication? Without any kind of network?

Probably not. Devoid of communication and networking, life would be impossible.

In ancient times, letters were exchanged by the means of a pet bird, be it a pigeon or a hawk. With the advancement of science and technology, the postal service got developed. And then evolved the ‘Telegram’ service.

In the days of the ‘Telegram’, people thought it to be a bliss. But today, shutters have been pulled down on its services. This is the age of WhatsApp and Facebook. Even email services are taking a backseat.

To enjoy the facilities of these applications, an internet connection is a must. The devices that enable internet services are constantly undergoing modifications. ‘Once upon a time’, the dial-up connection was used by the means of a modem. It is probably used even today, but not by everybody. Then there are hubs, repeaters, bridges – and the list might go on and on.

The easy and reliable source of the internet today is Wi-Fi. By the means of radio waves or micro waves, data is exchanged between a Wi-Fi supported gadget like a smartphone and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Probability of Wi-Fi Usage

As per the latest stats, about 1.75 billion people are expected to be smartphone users. The gadgets provide a world of apps that can be utilized by the means of the internet. Since smartphones are provided with an inbuilt Wi-Fi router, the probability of Wi-Fi usage will rise in the days to come.

A world without wires would be easy, smooth, and elegant. Too many wires make the procedure clumsy and complicated.

Free Arenas: Spaces and Cities

With every passing day, the number of cities offering free Wi-Fi are increasing across the globe. Earlier, there were a few spaces in the city, which would offer this service. But now, governments of different countries are making Wi-Fi free for their citizens. And Greece is a case in point. In addition, there are several countries where many cities offer free Wi-Fi. Here’s a quick look at some of them:

  • San Francisco: This city has launched a free Wi-Fi network recently. The network encompasses various public spots including parks and museums.
  • Edinburgh: In Edinburgh, Scotland, a company named Lothian Buses started installing Wi-Fi on its buses. This will definitely help tourists and visitors to navigate the roads easily.
  • Tel Aviv: The ‘free_tlv’ network has made life easier for the citizens of Israel by offering free Wi-Fi service in Tel Aviv and the port city of Jaffa.
  • New York: Being one of the busiest cities in the world, free Wi-Fi at New York is quite expected. Places like public parks, subway stations, and the Brooklyn Bridge are served by Wi-Fi.
  • Bengaluru: The first Indian city to have free Wi-Fi hotspots, Bengaluru allows three hours of free services. The authorities are planning to expand the services in future.
  • Boston: Unlike many places, Boston enjoys ‘wicked’ free Wi-Fi. The Mayor of Beantown, Mr Martin J. Walsh has been attempting to bring in more tech entrepreneurs to its various cities.
  • Osaka: Other than possessing a widespread network of Wi-Fi, Osaka in Japan has a mascot named Osaka Bob. He is a little boy who helps people by resolving their enquiries about Wi-Fi system usage. There are two options regarding free Wi-Fi usage. One is the Osaka Free Wi-Fi. It provides unlimited internet. But a user availing this service needs to re-log in every half an hour. The other one is known as ‘Lite’, which provides one hour of free access per day.
  • Perth: The Wi-Fi service in Perth is administered by the ‘Perth Wi-Fi’ network. Its radar spreads over most of the area around the City Center. People who are logged in can use it for free. However, periodical reconnections might be needed to sustain usage.
  • Barcelona: Barcelona is a progressive city and has a knack for implementing the latest technologies. Its Wi-Fi services consist of over 700 hotspots, which cover the entire city.

Wi-Fi Upcoming

Given its easy-to-use capability, inexpensive yet simple usability, Wi-Fi is the absolute hit formula for the internet users.

Seoul, South Korea, has already planned to install Wi-Fi in 10,000 hotspots throughout the city by 2015. Itaewon Airport, public parks, and municipal sites will be a few to benefit from the hotspots.

Berlin is planning to install free Wi-Fi services by 2015 to provide its citizens free internet access. The government is planning to offer private enterprises the task of setting up Wi-Fi hotspots. The initial costs would be 170,000.

The world has already given a high-five to Wi-Fi. Only time will tell how fast the technology treads past every nook and corner in the planet.

And won’t it be a great experience to live in a world connected by free Wi-Fi?

Image Courtesy: www.cnet.com

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