We talk about you, you know. Once a month we get the entire service team together and we chat about what sorts of issues we’re resolving and how we can help you better. We don’t just strive to get great scores on our IT support surveys (which is a bonus, because our satisfaction rates are pretty incredible). We want to take time to truly understand what your needs are. Whether you’re the owner, the executive, management or an employee. We know that how you interact with your technology leaves an impression. That impression can be a hatred of your technology or a love for the technician you spoke with on your most recent Help Desk request. But there’s a different emotion that the best IT companies strive to reach with their clients – and that’s NOTHING. We want you to be able to completely forget your technology exists because it’s only then that you’re able to be truly productive and focus on your role within your business. How does an IT company do that; that is, become truly forgettable? Seems like a counterintuitive goal, but there are a few qualities that foster forgettable technology. Here they are:

  1. Management tools that are so proactive, you don’t even know you have an issue.
    One of the most remarkable things that Managed Services providers do is troubleshooting issues before the user even realizes they’re issues. With the right management tools, an IT professional should know before you do that you’re experiencing a problem, and that’s a GOOD thing. The less you have to worry about, the more productive you’ll be.
  2. Help Desk that’s so helpful, you didn’t even need to question their skills.
    We talk about how much trust matters in what we do. If a company can truly trust you with their technology, they won’t babysit you as you troubleshoot issues for them or question any recommendations that you make in a project or to better their workflow. What some companies aren’t lucky enough to have are Help Desk technicians that know what they’re doing and have a wide breadth of experience in multiple industries with businesses of all sizes. They aren’t lucky enough to have engineers that know your organization’s technology so intimately that they can resolve tech support issues with little to no guidance from the user, beyond the initial ticket explanation.
  3. Responsiveness and communication, without prompting.
    It’s hard to forget about your technology when you’re constantly experiencing recurring issues. You can’t relax and forget about how it’s working if you’re the one that has to make sure you remind your technicians to keep you up to date and respond to your requests in a timely fashion. Really great IT companies are comprised of professionals who understand the importance of accountability, that deliver on what they say they’re going to do.
  4. You don’t speak with them frequently.
    When IT partners have tools, talent and ownership in their proactive management of your technology, it means that you don’t have to talk to them frequently. Your users experience less issues and when they do they’re resolved quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

One of our engineers in a recent meeting said it best, “If everything is always broken. We’re not doing our jobs.” And it’s true.

We joke around sometimes that it’s really not fair, being in the world of IT. That sometimes it’s a little thankless, because when you’re doing your job right – they don’t even have to think about their technology. But that’s how you know they’re doing it right. Because it’s the stuff you don’t notice that truly is impacting the way your technology interfaces as you do business.

You know what, though? We wouldn’t have it any other way. If our most redeeming quality is that we’re completely forgettable – we’re okay with that.