I read an article today that Ford has come up with a way to help reduce the number of text-related car accidents. Their voice-activated technology, Sync, will be installed in most 2012 Ford vehicles and will not only read your texts aloud for you, but let you respond back by selecting from pre-written messages.

Sync can also make telephone calls, give you directions, find your favorite music, and more, all accessible by verbal commands – no hands needed.

Different phones will be able to access different features of Sync. Find out your phone’s compatibility here.

What do you think of Sync? Personally, I think anything that can keep a driver’s eyes on the road and off their phone is a fantastic idea.

Here’s what a few people are saying about Ford Sync on Twitter:

  • Wonder why the @Ford #SYNC lady doesn’t have a name. She has been politely living in my dashboard reading my txt msgs for over a year.
  • Drove my wife’s car to work because I have to pick up some computers for my classroom this afternoon. Really missing Ford SYNC right now
  • Got a Ford Focus rental. Bluetooth sync. Ride just got more fun. #geek
  • #FordSync is amazing! No more reading texts while I drive. My mom will be so happy!
  • Siri works really well, blows away my Microsoft-made Ford Sync that has same potential context advantages