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Any avid fan of reading blogs via a feed reader will tell you that full feeds are the ONLY way to go…

Yet, in the hope of generating more on-site traffic (and advertising dollars) as well as minimizing feed scraping, many bloggers have started setting their feeds to “excerpt” mode.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to pop these excerpt feeds out of their limited visibility and display the whole feed in any feed reader.

Now the truth is that many bloggers may not appreciate you doing this to their feed, yet it’s important that they understand that at the end of the day the reader experience has to come first.. and at least you’re reading their content!

The unfortunate truth about this service however is that it’s proof that excerpts only harm the casual reader – and don’t impact the spammer – since the spammers can now force your feed into full view.

While I can’t make every blogger provide you with an excerpt, what I can give you is…

Full-Text RSS from” … a free tool to make the feed reader experience a lot more enjoyable!


It’s free and it displays the full content format for any given feed and it work’s reasonably well. Cool!

Simply visit the site, drop the feed URL that you want to convert into the box, click “create feed”, and in the window that opens, the URL will be what you will use as the new feed URL.

The service is super simple… just paste in the problematic feed and hit submit. The service will provide you with a new, modified feed URL to subscribe to that will display much nicer. Piece of cake!

Check out Full-Text Feed!

Do you prefer excerpt or full text feeds in your reader? What is your preferred feed reader experience? Do you have any favorite feed based tips, tricks or tools to share?

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