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Time is the one thing that none of us can get back. No matter how much money, prestige, or power we have, time evades all of our firm grasps.

When you’re working, whether for yourself or a bigger company, using a time tracker app is a wonderful way to reclaim more of your time. Study after study shows that we often don’t spend all 8 hours of our work days actually working. We’re spending a lot of our work hours doing busy work, or just on social media.

Tracking your time is just like tracking your spending- it helps get your organized and more efficient.

Six Reasons To Use a Time Tracker App

They show us where we spend our time.

A big time suck is things like emailing, social media, or organizing groups of people. How many email chains have you been on that take hours to find a resolution? A time tracker app will help show you the good and the bad of where you’re spending time, so you can make adjustments as needed.

They help us avoid distraction.

If you set a timer for 15 minutes to finish off a client invoice and send it, you’ll be more likely to actually get the work done. Give yourself a time limit on how much time you have to do work; it will motivate you and keep you from wasting 15 minutes on Facebook before you even get into the work itself.

They show us profitable work vs non-profitable work.

Not everything we do generates money. But if you track your time and see that you’re spending too much of it on something that doesn’t bring in money, you know you can change that moving forward.

They help organize your day.

If you know at what point during the day you’re most productive and how long a project will take you, you can plan to do it during your peak hours. Tracking your time for previous projects and then using that data to organize your day can increase your overall productivity.

They’re often free.

Time trackers or timers in general are often available for free online. You can get dig out your old oven timer if that works better for you! Many business tools are expensive or have monthly costs. A timer or a time tracker is one of the most powerful and free tools out there.

Tracking your time is a great way to get yourself organized and hold yourself accountable. They can help you focus at work and ultimately, to bring in more money. Try one for yourself and see if it works for you!