iphone6-specs-hero-2014What do you expect to see when Apple releases a new iPhone? Long lines of eager devotees waiting to purchase Apple’s latest and greatest? Check. Massive record setting sales? Check. Lots of flubs, gaffes and bad press surrounding mistakes, design issues and bugs? Umm, wait a second, is this an Apple release?

Yep, while the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are impressive devices in many ways, the release of these products has been plagued by problems that we’ve never seen from an Apple release. The company that tends to nail everything when it comes to product design and ease of use has basically belly flopped with this newest iPhone. But this isn’t really surprising. The days when Apple could stand-alone at the top of the heap while other phone vendors struggle to keep up are long gone. Today, the iPhone is just another phone, and really there aren’t any good reasons to upgrade to one. But there are reasons to not get a new iPhone 6. In fact, here are five of them.

1) There’s Nothing New Here

Probably the biggest reason that you don’t need a new iPhone 6 is that it really isn’t very groundbreaking or new. Nearly every feature in the Apple phone was already available in competing devices. Ok Google, wait, I mean Hey Siri, rich and dynamic notifications, document syncing, NFC (well, only for Apple Pay), these are all features that have been in Android phones for a while. Sure, the cameras are great, but so are some of the ones in competing smartphones. And does the world really need super clear, high-def selfies? Yep, whether you’re an existing iPhone 5 user or an owner of a competing device, getting the new iPhone 6 won’t bring you much new other than the ability to say that you have an iPhone 6.

2) iOS 8 is Breaking my Phone

Oh Microsoft, there you go again, releasing an update to your operating system that breaks people’s devices, forcing people to jump through hoops to fix it. That’s why people go to Apple, because this never happens and its super easy for tech novices …. What’s that? It wasn’t a Microsoft OS, it was Apple’s new iOS 8 that broke people’s devices? Well, as Gilda Radner’s Emily Latella would say on the old Saturday Night Live, “Never mind”.

3) It’s Too Big

I could go with the standard criticism of the iPhone 6 Plus, namely how after making fun of giant phablets for years, Apple all of a sudden thinks really big phones are super cool. But I’m not here to bash the 6 Plus, it’s actually a positive that they’ve finally given their users a choice. I’m here to critizice the size of the regular iPhone 6. With a 4.7 inch screen, the new iPhone is much larger than the iPhone 5. And many regular users aren’t happy. People who used to be able to easily fit the iPhone into a pocket now find that the 6 doesn’t fit in those same pockets. Basically, they’ve removed choice again. What they should have done was had a 4 inch iPhone 6, a 4.7 inch Plus, and the 5.5 inch Super Plus.

4) It Bends (and not in a good way)

Cool, Apple has introduced a phone that uses flexible screen technology. Awesome, I’ve been looking forward to foldable computing. Oh wait, the iPhone 6 isn’t designed to bend, it just happens. Yeah, I understand that most thin phones will bend if you exert a lot of force or if a large person sits on them. But I get the feeling that this is something that would have never happened if Jobs was still running things.

5) Can’t Keep a Grip

Speaking of things that would have never happened if Jobs was running things, what’s up with the slippery phone. There are a number of videos and stories out there about people who can’t keep a grip on their shiny but clearly slippery new iPhone. Nothing like dropping lots of cash for a new phone only to see it crash into the pavement. But that’s OK, it’s a beautiful and sleek phone, which you will now have to cover with an ugly rubber case if you don’t want to be dropping it all the time.